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Bore Measuring Device (BMD)


  • Contact Based Gauges
  • Self-indicating
  • Self-centering gauge
  • Shop floor gauge with wireless data transmission
  • To measure ovality, groove and taper of bore.
  • Measurement of inside diameter and outside diameter.
  • Suitable for both static and dynamic measurements.
  • Detection of dimensional deviations and shape defects.
  • For blind bores, through bores, standard bores & standard bores.
  • Customizable gauges to meet special profiles including rectangular, tapered, conical and stepped.

  • Ease of handling, superior precision and rugged construction.
  • Field of application is the production of high-precision bores in a serial production.
  • Measuring range can be extended for applications of larger bore tolerances
  • A wide selection of basic types and useful accessories ensures precise measurement of bores in practice.
  • Rated life of more than 20 lakh readings.
  • Range of application
    • Standard bores: 0 to 270 mm.
    • Blind Bores (Flat-Bottom): 0 to 150 mm.
    • Measurement of O.D: 27 to 100 mm.
    • Multiplane Plug Gauges : From 21 mm.
    • 3-Point Measurement: 8.0 to 100 mm.
    • Measurement of parallel distances: from 1.0 (T-BMD-PA) to 30 mm.
  • The fast maintenance and repair service gives reconditioned and fully tested plug gauges.
  • All measured data can optionally be backed up and further processed by radio transmission.

  • BMD Plugs are custom made according to customers’ requirement.
  • Accuracy: 0.001 µm.
  • Repeatability: 0.001 µm.
  • Application range: 2.98 mm – 270 mm.
  • Measuring range: +0.1 mm - 0.8 mm.
  • Probe: Spring steel
  • Needles: Carbide.
  • Guide Cylinder: Gauge steel
  • Hard chrome coating on guide cylinders
  • Material of contact points can be customized to suit the requirement.
  • Plug gauge order dimension (nominal dimension = minimum bore dimension).

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