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External Gear Gauges


  • Flexible shop floor gauge to measure distance outside pin. (DOP)
  • Hand held and table mounted gauge for measuring external gear parameter.
  • Applicable for external gear gauges (straight-sided or helical) and for gears with even or odd numbered teeth.
  • Gauge to detect conicity and ovality.

  • Outside Diameter Gauge. (Ma)
  • Available in two different design types :
    • Closed Ring Version (Ma = 10 – 140 mm).
    • Open Version (Ma = 0 – 140 mm).
  • Large range of ball diameters and roller anvils are available on stock.
  • For zero setting measured sample components or setting masters can be used.

  • Range over balls Ma = 0 – 140 mm
  • AV / EG gauges with Ma over 140 mm or EG gauges with roller anvils available on request.
  • Measuring balls are made of Tungsten Carbide.
  • Ball anvils are interchangeable.
  • Can be provided with special Stand.
  • Special designs on request.

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