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Diatron 1000


  • Complete unitized system for bore gauging on shop floor.
  • Gauge for inside diameter and outside diameter measurement.
  • Bore measurement conforming to IATF 16949 standards.
  • Static and dynamic measurement (Min / Max / Diff).
  • Data transmission with radio transmission module.

  • Easy to use hand measuring instrument.
  • Flexibly used with Diatest standard BMD Plug Gauges.
  • Display of tolerances can be switched for all measuring modes and programmable by keys of gauge.
  • Can be interfaced with latest radio data transmission module (optional).
  • Operating distance upto 200 m / 656 feet in open area.
  • 2 million data transmissions without change of battery.
  • High data security by real radio transmission.
  • Radio module is energized with battery of gauge.

Optional transfer of measured values via Radio Module DIAWIRELESS or cable, including free

  • Resolution : 0001 mm / 0.000005 inch.
  • Accuracy : ±0.0002 mm linearity deviation over 3 mm travel.
  • Additional linearization possible.
  • Static and dynamic measurement (Min / Max / Diff).
  • Dynamic measurement – continuous data transmission through radio and cable.
  • Password protection of programming possible.
  • Rotating display of 7 digits including 4 decimal points and with switch in mm/inch.
  • Tolerance lights : Red, Green, Yellow.
  • Integral transfer buttons.

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