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Split ball probes


  • Universal Bore Gauge.
  • Quick bore measuring probes.
  • Measurement of different bore profiles.
  • Shop floor gauge.
  • Indicating internal measurements.
  • Gauging of through bores, blind bores, parallel distances.
  • Detect geometrical shapes defects such as ovality, concentricity, barrel-shape, etc.
  • Availability of large variety of accessories.

  • Modularly designed Universal Bore Gauge for indicating bore gauging.
  • Extensive Accessories enable gauging of most common bores.
  • Flexible to use for serial and individual control at the production machine directly.
  • Different bore types like through bores, blind bores, parallel distances, etc. can be gauged.
  • Application Range :
    • Small Bore Gauges: Ø47mm to 41.1mm.
    • Laboratory Bore Gauges: Ø 0.47mm to 30.60mm.
    • T-T Probes to measure deeper bores: Ø 2.05 to 9.80mm.
    • T-3P Probes to measure bores: Ø 4.75mm to 150.60mm.
  • Besides detecting geometrical shapes defects, also available for gauging parallel distances, groove toothing (serration), internal gears and recesses.

  • Repeatability (standard probes) :
    • Manual gauging : 1µm
    • Stationary gauging in stand : < 0.5µm
  • Linearity (standard probes) :
    • Size 0.5 – 150 : max. 2% of travel, min. 0.001 mm.
    • Size 1.75 – 40 : max. 1% of travel, min. 0.001 mm.
  • Measuring range : 0.06 mm upto 2.2 mm (according to size of probe).
  • Probe : Hardened steel
  • Contact points : Hard chrome or ceramic
  • Tapered Needle: Hardened steel or carbide with lapped taper.
  • Steel needle
  • Carbide needle
  • Extensive accessories include Adaptor, Indicator Holders, Depth Extension, Floating Holders, Checking Stands, Depth Stops, Right Angle Attachments, etc.
  • Special accessories like special depth stops, depth extensions, or checking stands with a larger measuring stroke available on request.

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