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Thread Depth Gauge


  • To measure bore diameter and diameter depth simultaneously.
  • To measure Thread depth.
  • Available in both Analog and Digital display.
  • Applicable for both go and nogo gauges.
  • Single gauge with multiple follower sizes.
  • Universal gauge for different thread sizes with adjustable torque.

  • Resolution switchable between 0.01 to 0.001 mm.
  • Optional radio transmission of measured values.
  • Marking according to customer request.
  • Display does not move when gauge is screwed in.
  • Reading scales is always visible.
  • Available in two types :
    • With thread gauge.
    • With cylindrical plug gauge.
  • Advantage of accepting standard ANSI members of any gauge manufacturer.
  • Special features on request such as special depth stops, dirt- and air-grooves, certificates for linearity, wireless data transmission.
  • Process integration with automatic measuring cell.

  • LCD Display with a resolution of 0.01 mm.
  • TD-Gauge+ Digital with thread gauge :
    • Range from M4 to M20 using four different handle size.
  • DIN-Standards for threads: DIN 2282 (GO) and DIN 2284 (NOGO).
  • DIN-Standards for cylinder bores: DIN 2248 (GO) and DIN 2249 (NOGO).
  • Preset function available.
  • Opto-interface for optional radio module.
  • Transposable mm / inch.
  • Open for all DIN-Gauges.
  • Depth extension available.
  • Special stops available.

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