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Plunger Probes


  • 2 point comparative bore gauges.
  • Shop floor gauge.
  • Single measurement of larger diameters.
  • Detect shape deviations.
  • Quick setting does not require setting master.
  • Quick to assemble to meet different bore size.
  • Self-centering gauge using centering bridge

  • Easy handling and adaptability to most bore gauging applications and large measuring ranges.
  • Offered in two styles i.e. Standard Plunger Probes (Through Bores) and Blind Bore Style.
  • Range of application :
    • Standard Plunger Probes: Ø 19.5 to 332.0 mm.
    • Blind Bore Style: Ø 38.5 to 343.0 mm.
  • Detect shape deviations of the bore such as conical form, barrel shape, out-of-roundness etc.
  • Plunger Probes can also be used for gauging parallel distances.
  • Sets of Plunger Probes can be purchased in wooden box.

  • Repeatability: ≤ 0.001 mm.
  • Linearity: max. 0.006 mm within measuring range.
  • Measuring depth: upto 3 meters.
  • Plunger Probe with carbide contact.
  • Contact radii: R 8.0.
  • Carbide anvil HMT.
  • Contact point travel transmission to the indicating unit in the ratio 1:1.
  • The bore diameter is determined by a pendulum movement of the gauge in the bore.
  • Calibration (zero setting) can be easily made in a micrometer.
  • Gauge automatically self-centers via a centering bridge.

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