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System Dia-Come


  • For quick measurement of internal and external diameters on shop floor.
  • Distance in-between gear pins and pins from outside of gears.
  • A unified solution for measurement of gears and diameters with wide range for measurement.
  • To measure parameters of odd / even gears.

  • Suitable for use in both inspection & production areas due to its sturdy construction, simple handling and quick installation.
  • Easy to handle as the measuring tables are coolant and swarf resistant.
  • Saves time and money as measurement can be made during production process itself.
  • Offered in different sizes, layouts and measuring ranges.
  • Many different measuring tasks (for example inside and outside grooves, concentricity or tapers) can be checked due to wide range of accessories.
  • Range of application
    • Inside Diameter: 30 to 275 mm.
    • Outside Diameter: 0 to 245 mm.
    • Internal Gear gauge Mi : 70 to 275 mm
    • External Gear gauge Ma : 0 to 245 mm
  • Special larger size for diameters also available that range upto 450mm for inside diameter measurement.
  • Additional application kits provide solutions for the most common measuring tasks

  • Measuring accuracy is ± 2 µm.
  • The C3 tables cover different measuring ranges as follows :
    • I.D. from 35 – 450 mm
    • O.D. from 0 – 420 mm
  • Adjustable measuring force to ensure flexibility for various material types.
  • Setting masters or gauge blocks can be used for adjustment and zero setting.
  • Mechanical or digital indicators with clamping, inductive or incremental probes, PC, DIATRON or printer can be connected.
  • Measured data can be transferred wirelessly when using a suitable indicator.
  • Special measuring inserts on request.

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