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Special BMD IV


  • Self-centering Plug Gauge BMD-IV (starting from cylinder-Ø 10 mm) for serial measurement.
  • Used for measuring larger dimensions of internal gears.

  • Especially designed for large series.
  • Measuring of distance between balls (Mi).
  • Guiding cylinder is adapted to internal diameter of gears which eliminates search for the reversal point.
  • Guiding noses avoid turning of BMD inside the work piece.
  • The fast maintenance and repair service gives reconditioned and fully tested plug gauges.
  • All measured data can optionally be backed up and further processed by radio transmission.

  • Versions available for different measuring point locations and special cylinders from Ø 10 mm.
  • For quotation purposes customer has to provide drawing of workpiece and data about gears i.e. the dimension between balls (Mi), the ball diameter, the number of teeth and the minor diameter of the gear with tolerance.
  • Accuracy: 0.001 µm.
  • Repeatability: 0.001 µm.
  • Probe: Spring steel
  • Needles: Carbide.
  • Guide Cylinder: Gauge steel

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