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Special Calipers


  • Large-dimensions Special Vernier Calipers with rounded measuring faces for internal dimensions with and without fine adjustment and knife edge jaws for internal and external dimensions.
  • Simple to use with engraved scales & reading very fine divisions on measurements.
  • Large-dimension Digital Caliper for measurement upto 3000 mm.
  • Large-dimension Digital Calipers with rounded measuring faces for internal dimensions and knife-edge jaws for external dimensions and internal dimensions.
  • Precise measuring system.
  • Unique TWIN connectivity concept allowing for upgrade across the range.

  • Calipers offering great value for money.
  • Fitted with a locking screw.
  • With rectangular or round depth rod.
  • Measuring functions include Zero setting, Metric / Inch conversion, Hold function for displayed value, OPTO-RS data transfer, mono- and bi-directional, preset function, MIN / MAX mode and Two limit values for classification.
  • Digital calipers for large measurements with Resolution 0.01 mm / 0.0005 in, LC Display with 8.5 mm digit size and Level of protection IP40.
  • Complete IP67 protection against the penetration of dust and liquids, even when the cable is connected.
  • Unique display housing, protected by a steel plate surrounded with a rubber seal guarantees durability and offers fine sensitivity during measurement.
  • The TWIN-CAL are all equipped with the unique integral data output TLC (TESA Link Connector), providing the opportunity to upgrade at any time.
  • Easy reading with large and high contrast screen with 11 mm digit height.
  • Absolute and Differential measurement modes with resistant to all workshop conditions.

  • Contact TMC technical team and download brochure for complete set of specifications.

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