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Pneumatic Probes


  • Axial Probes with Measuring Bolt Activation by Pneumatic Pressure Standard Probes.
  • Probe for use with measuring fixtures or inspection machines integrating semi-automated or automated measuring routines.

  • Excellent repeatability, durability and longevity.
  • 8 mm diameter probe housing. Can be clamped over its entire length.
  • Measuring bolt mounted on a ball bearing.
  • Both the probe housing and ball-bearing guide are separate from one another, so that the measuring bolt moves easily even if the probe is not clamped appropriately.
  • Degree of protection IP65 according to IEC 60529.
  • Wide range of accessories including measuring inserts, spring sets, etc.
  • LVDT probes compatible with measuring equipment from other suppliers also available on request.

  • Contact TMC technical team and download brochure for complete set of specifications.

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