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Radio module


  • The radio module series allows the wireless transmission of measured values from gauges to a PC or existing data systems on shop floor.
  • The miniature radio modules are a technology step in the interface technology and replace gauge connection cables and interface boxes.
  • Can be applied to any existing and new gauges of different brands.

  • Easy Handling
  • Full data security
  • Compact size
  • Large coverage distance
  • Efficient working
  • Connection of all gauges
  • Tolerance reply
  • Low cost.
  • CE&FCC approval.
  • Tolerance can be applied.
  • Long distance.

  • Transmitter range of 200 meters in open field.
  • A receiver can integrate with 120 transmitters.
  • 2 million readouts using single battery.
  • Specifications vary based on requirements.
  • Please get in touch with TMC technical team for further details.

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