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  • Comgage is a software for metrology and statistical process control on manufacturing sites.
  • The software is suitable for simple displaying of measured values up to complex measuring applications with control sequences as well as for testing of components with several characteristics in small and large series.
  • Additionally the software provides information for statistical process control by means of the included statistical functions.

  • Simple and easy handling.
  • Low cost and modular.
  • Universally usable for simple hand gauge solutions, multi gauging fixtures and automatic measuring sequences.
  • Data collection from Gauges , interface and by keyboard.
  • Graphical surface for creating the display window.
  • Simple measuring sequence control.
  • Online SPC-element.
  • Print of test reports and measured values in table form.
  • Converter to MS-Excel and QS-stat.
  • Control of digital outputs and reading of digital inputs.

  • Three variants to the software based on requirements.
  • Customizable to suit every situation and data output requirement.
  • Please get in touch with TMC technical team for appropriate solution.

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