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Column Digital Gauge


  • The digital gauge is an electronic gauge for connecting 1 to 8 inductive and incremental probes, pneumatic gauge heads, sensors with analogue current or voltage output, gauges with digital interface and sensors with IBR Isi interface.
  • The high flexibility concerning the connection of sensors and gauges is achieved due to the modular design.

  • Modular design.
  • Simple handling
  • Universal measuring device inputs
  • Wireless measurement data transmission.
  • Comfortable display unit.
  • Highly sophisticated measuring programs.
  • Easy cascading.
  • Can be integrated with Metrology software provided by IBR.

  • Case: Aluminum
  • Bar display: 53 + 2LEDs for ‘Out of range” display with 3 colors.
  • Interface: EIA RS 232.
  • Protection class: Front panel IP65.
  • Programming menu LEDs: 17 LEDs, red.
  • Weight: 1340 grams.

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