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  • Linear measurement instrument to measure external and internal dimensions.
  • Comparative instrument to measure the difference between external and internal dimensions.
  • Instruments to measure bore, gear, thread, groove distance and to measure the flank diameter of large threads.

  • Application range of upto 3500 mm.
  • 11 different instrument size options.
  • High accuracy by a measuring carriage in ball bearings.
  • Low measuring force hysteresis.
  • Rapid changeover from external to internal measurement.
  • Lifting level for external and internal measurement without recalibration.
  • Large setting range.

  • Dial indicator in rotary bearings allows easy reading in any use position without loss of accuracy.
  • Many general purpose applications possible due to large range of accessories.
  • Easy changeover of measuring elements for internal measurement.
  • Also available with inductive or incremental transducers for transmission of the measuring datas to EDP.

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