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  • Multi-purpose gauges used for measuring diameters, thread pitch, tapers, concentricity, face squareness, parallelism, eccentric relief etc. on
  • Gauges that can be used on work pieces and tools such as reamers, mills and taps.
  • Device for measuring spiral fluted reamers.

  • Finely lapped spindle sleeves of stainless steel mounted in aligned prisms.
  • Carbide tipped centers with rapid release.
  • Carriage on finely-lapped guide rails, running parallel to the centers.
  • Mechanical and optical dividing heads/

  • Measuring travel of the parallel carriage at 250mm to 350 mm
  • Maximum diameter over the measuring device of Ø 180mm and Ø
  • Maximum distance between centers for work piece diameters upto 420 mm and 550mm.

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