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  • The gauge is designed to check internal threads, recesses and internal distances.
  • Measuring in instrument for internal thread from 3-650 mm nominal diameter.
  • Robust construction with high repeatability and easy to handle gauge.

  • Application range to measure:
    • Virtual Pitch Diameter (Form N)
    • Effective Pitch Diameter (Form K)
    • Minor Diameter (Form I)
    • Major Diameter (Form D)
  • All measuring instruments are equipped with an 8 H7 dial gauge reception.
  • All customary indicator can be used.
  • 8 mm reception for all common indicators
  • interchangeable measuring elements for different profiles, plane diameters and recesses
  • Use of measuring-jaws, -rollers and -anvils
  • Measuring rollers can be integrated along with Cordipar for similar application.
  • Interchangeable measuring elements for different profiles, plane diameters and
  • The instruments are used either with thread measuring jaws of thread measuring roller.

  • Instrument designed based on product sample in few cases or client requirement.
  • Instrument can be hand held or can be table mounted using standing.
  • The measuring force is adjustable.
  • The setting can be done either by a thread setting ring or via the external diameter of the rollers with a plane setting ring.
  • Specifications vary based on type design.
  • Refer to brochure.

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