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V-CAD Series


  • Bench top optical Measuring Machines for 100% inspection on shop floor.
  • Quick shop floor inspection machine with self-detect specimen shape and size.
  • Fixed field of view.
  • Use in Stamping industries,Rubbers & Plastic to measure flat part within 0.5 sec.

  • Unsurpassed measurement speed: measurement and analysis in a matter of seconds.
  • Complete capture of 2D geometries in one image field.
  • Resolutions in pm range thanks to high-resolution, monochrome.
  • 2D digitization and best fit included in standard scope of delivery.
  • 0bject detection in a matter of seconds as no
  • The V CAD 100 and 200 models are integrated into the production process as stationary machines and used for the measurement of 2D objects up to 225 x 168 mm.
  • Combined with the SAPHIR QD measurement and analysis software.
  • Special highlights of the V-CAD series
  • Large image fields
  • No axis motion, no wear & tear.
  • High resolution camera with precise telecentric lenses.
  • Calibrated coverage free from distortion.
  • LED incident light optionally available.
  • The V-CAD series machines can also be tailored to suit individual customer requirements

  • Large Measurement range.
  • Object Height in Z : 60mm
  • Image field multiple options:
    • Option 1 : 76mm x 635mm.
    • Option 2: 131mm x 114mm
    • Option 3: 225mm x 168mm
    • Option 4:655mm x55 mm.
  • Magnification of screen options: 7x,  9.5x,  19x &38x

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