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WMM Series


  • Vertical shaft measuring machine.
  • Complete multi-sensor 3D measurement of shaft with rotatory function.
  • Shop floor machine with high accuracy and repeatability.
  • Use in Shaft Manufacturing Industry, Symmetry and turned parts and cylindrical shafts, Crank shaft, Valves, Injectors and Screws.

  • Accurate and precise measurement of lengths, diameters, radii, angels, chamfers, as well as of their pertinent geometric and dimensional tolerances.
  • Quick measuring machine-for reduced cycle times on work pieces of upto 1200mm in length.
  • The WMM series provide an ultra-fast solution for the precise measurement of axis symmetric objects of upto 1200mm and 400mm in diameter.
  • Its large image field of 100*60mm ensures accurate, precise and reliable measuring results.
  • The intuitive user interface from SAPHIR shaft, which is backed by the proven measurement and analysis software SAPHIR, even newcomers to the world of metrology can rest assured that their quickly and easy measurement results will leave nothing to desired in terms of reliability.

  • Measuring range of diameter: 60mm to 400mm
  • Measuring Length from: 100 to 1200mm
  • Magnification: 0.3x
  • Measuring probe: TP 200 & Oder SP 25
  • Resolution: 0.0001mm
  • Work piece weight max: 50 kg to 200 kg

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