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Valve Seat Runout Gauge


  • Highly precise measuring system for inlet and exhaust of cylinder head.
  • To measure run out, concentricity, diameter, roundness, contour,  and many more measurement parameters of cylinder heads.

  • VSM evaluates dynamically round-ness of valve seats and concentricity between valve guide and seat.
  • Due to its unique cardan coupling, the mandrel performs the measurement without operator influence and even the use in align positions is possible.
  • A combined version measuring intake and exhaust seat with one gauge is available.
  • The VSM lays upon the valve seat and rotates 360 Degrees.
  • During the motion it scans the valve seat, as well as the upper diameter of the valve guide bore and evaluates roundness and concentricity by a Min-Max comparison.
  • Cycle time approximately four seconds.

  • Highly specialized application with customized solutions.
  • Please get in touch with team TMC.

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