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TPH Data Logger


  • To measure, monitor and record temperature & humidityfor metrology rooms.
  • High accuracy to monitor the environmental condition of metrology labs, as required by the norms.

  • Temperature , humidity and gradient (temperature drift)are constantly under controltemperature resolution is 0.01°C/10.01°f.
  • Software for PC.
  • Wireless and Mobile APP integrated.
  • Alarms in cases of reading moving out of threshold.

  • Temperature
    • Resolution : 0.01°C or 0.01°F
    • Accuracy : 0.1+(IT-68I/250)°C or 0.18+(IT-68I/250)°F
    • Range: -10 to 60°C or 5to140°F
  • Humidity
    • Resolution: 0.1%rh
    • Accuracy: 4.0%rh
    • Range: 0rh to 100%rh

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